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 About Superior Interactive

uperior Interactive is a Flint Michigan based, web branding and web design company specializing in custom web site design and Internet Marketing for individuals and small business. We provide strategic and creative design and development services for businesses and individuals seeking to launch, grow or reinvent themselves.

e’ve been in the web design business since 1997. We're building our reputation by providing large agency impact and sophistication, with a personal level of attention that can only be provided by a smaller agency. We consider ourselves to be information architects. We build web solutions that are visually arresting, intuitive, sustainable and globally applicable. We strive to achieve one goal for our clients: To remain contemporarily relevant.

ltr_superior Interactive takes the time to research and understand the market that is being entered and develops a strategy that will result in success. Our web sites are not “cookie cutter template” Web sites. While many web design companies end their commitment with the launch of the design, our partnership is just beginning of a life long partnership.

ltr_superior Interactive is a Christian owned company. We have high morals. We believe in giving you hard honest work. We are good stewards of our time and money.

lltr_we freely give of our time and resources to support the local church of which we actively involved. We won’t take your money and hide from you. We are always accessible to our clients. We check our email numerous times throughout the day and we always have our phones on. If you like texting, then feel free to communicate with us via text messaging.

ltr_we understand that we are living in a financially stressed economy. That is why our prices are not as high as most web design companies in the Flint Michigan area. Because we are educated professional, we dare not give away our services. When you get our completed project, you’ll feel as if you should have paid us more. We won’t argue if you decide to pay us more than we ask.

ltr_whatever the need, Superior Interactive will lift you above the noise and clutter of the web, to stand out amongst the crowd in the Flint Michigan area and around the world. To ensure that the project is delivered to your expectations, we keep you aware of what is going on at all times. We also set up either in-person meetings, phone conferences or remote access meeting to go over all work in progress. This ensures that you are not surprised about the outcome. Learn how we hold your hand through the entire process.