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Note: Current web site has been recreated by another company.

When I was previously employed at Career Alliance Incorporated, a workforce development company, I created this site.This site larger than most web site that I've created.

View a live sample of this site.

Site look and feel was created by Selah Branding and Design. Superior Interactive, LLC was hired to make the site live via HTML, CSS, and Adobe Flash.This web site promotes the services of professional craftman who designs custom kitchen countertops, floors and etc.

View current site at http://www.geminiintlmarbleandgranite.com/

Note: This site is no longer live on the Internet.

This simple five page web site was created for a small business which helped clients become more organized. It provided basic information about the company, the owner, and a lead capturing form.

View a live sample of this site.

Note: This site is no longer live on the Internet

Site created for author, public speaker and former police officer David Dicks. This site was created to promote one his books and his speaking engagements.

This is a web site created using Wordpress. It was created as a content management system for the client. Client has liberty to update site at will. This e-commerce web site has a lead capture forms, social media apps and a blog.

Visit current site at http://www.dreamitliveitnow.com/